Here we have answers to frequently asked questions.

Which clothing do you recommend?

We recommend comfortable, sports clothing with sport or hiking shoes. You are also welcome to wear gloves. In wet weather conditions it is also recommended to bring a rain coat.

Are children also allowed on the high rope course?

Any child with a minimum height of 1,40m is allowed to climb alone. Children under 1,40m have to climb accompanied by an adult. Unfortunately children under 1,30m are too small.

As a child/teenager, do I have to bring a letter of consent from my partents if I wish to climb alone?

Yes, most certainly. Children and teenagers under 18 years, who wish to climb alone in the high rope course (also applies to school and youth groups) must have a form of consent from either their parent or caregiver. The form can be downloaded here +++. Please complete and sign it, and bring it with you.

Is there supervision?

At all times there are qualified instructors in the high rope course who supervise that all safety regulations are abided to. They are willingly at your service for questions and advice.

Is it possible to eat there?

As well as a kiosk that sells drinks, ice creams and small snacks, there is also a bar-b-cue available to use for your own food. This can then be eaten in any one of the seating possiblities that are around. Otherwise you can go the the “Alte Mulistation” or the “Jägerstüberl”, both restaurants are only a 5 minute walk away from the high rope course.

Are you open in bad weather?

In very bad weather (thunder, lightening, hail, rainstorm) we would have to cancel or postpone any events. For safety reasons in these conditions the course would be closed.

Is the high rope course safe?

If you adhere to the instructions that our trained instructors have given you before beginning in their detailed safety briefing, then nothing will happen. During your entire stay you are fitted with the appropriate safety equipment. In addition, the high rope course was built professionally to the most recent standards of expert associations, is TÜV certified and undergoes daily inspections. The self-locking gear (harness, Bornack safety system) corresponds to the predetermined standards and is checked daily for signs of wear. All safety systems relating to the decisive points are checked twice. If the safety equipment is not purposely used in the wrong way, then an accident can be ruled out.

Can I have a look around first?

Naturally, on our 2nd level (approximately 8 metres high) you are welcome to come and take a look at other climbers and to have a touch of fresh, mountain air. Perhaps the desire to try hits you there and then!

Can I simply come and have a go?

Going from experience, particularly at weekends there can be a waiting period as due to safety reasons we can only allow a certain number of participants on at a particular time. To prevent this effecting you please register in advance either per telephone on 08042 50 19 59 or online..

When do I have to pay?

You can either pay in cash on the premises or the participation fee can be paid prior to the event. We can not accept credit and debit cards.

What is on offer?

Usage of the high rope course for everybody, school or club events, business trips or birthday celebrations, business events and incentives.

What happens when I can't manage a part of the course?

You are free to choose which stages of the high rope course you wish to do and you can willingly turn around and take another route at any time. If you are in a situation where you feel you really can’t continue, then our instructors are there to help you.

How long am I allowed to stay on the high rope course?

 You can stay as long as you like on the day that you’ve paid for.

How fit do I have to be?

An average level of fitness with a functional cardiovascular system is sufficient.